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Why Volunteer?

Since Hospitalito Atitlán’s earliest days, volunteers have worked alongside the citizens of Santiago Atitlán to ensure the hospital’s success.


We welcome medical volunteers as integral members of the healthcare team and rely on them for their energy, enthusiasm and skills. Our physicians, nurses, administrators and technicians — as well as our volunteers — greatly benefit from the professional and cultural interaction between Guatemalans and medical colleagues from around the world.


We also welcome the families of our medical volunteers and embrace them as members of the Santiago Atitlán community. Hospitalito Atitlán also welcomes non-medical volunteers.


Over the years, individuals as well as groups, have offered a wide range of skills and talents — from painting to construction to operational to administrative to granting writing — helping the hospital to grow and prosper.


Come join us! We hope we will get the opportunity to meet and work with you soon. To learn more, review our FAQ for general information about the Hospitalito and Guatemala. Medical volunteers please read the Medical Volunteer FAQ


If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Thank you! ¡Gracias! (Spanish) Maltiox! (Tz’tujil Mayan)

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